Torre di Scopello

Wedding & Events

Celebrate your most important day at Torre di Scopello, an ancient 16th-century tower surrounded by crystal-clear waters. An ethereal and refined atmosphere that will make your wedding or event unforgettable.

Sea & Solarium

The sea of Scopello is a precious treasure, with its characteristic azure and emerald green waters blending together in the deep blue of the Mediterranean.

Experience an unparalleled adventure at the Solarium of the Historical Coastal Nature Trail and dive into the waters of the Faraglioni of Scopello.

Historical Coastal Naturalistic Path

Explore the Historical Coastal Nature Trail of Torre di Scopello; immerse yourself in the heart of the Mediterranean vegetation, on a unique journey through historical landmarks, biodiversity, and exclusive access to the Faraglioni of Scopello Bay.


Come and discover the timeless charm of our dwellings and the Suite La Torre, perched over the clear waters of Sicily. These exclusive Villas offer enchanting memories and moments of indefinite beauty in a perfect blend of history and nature.

Discover the historu of

Torre di Scopello

Torre di Scopello boasts a rich history marked by the passage of diverse dominations, and in ancient times, its territory was part of the emporium known as Cetaria.

The name ‘Scopello‘ derives from the Greek term ‘Scopelos‘ (‘rock’ or ‘cliff’), due to the imposing presence of the Faraglioni that still captivate visitors to this day.

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